Effective ways to achieve financial independence

The last articles on this site were primarily devoted to financial literacy . It is a good and correct business, but one should not forget that to understand money matters is just the first step towards achieving financial freedom. Now we will talk about the ways in which you can achieve financial independence.
Why was this article written at all? Like everything with how to get rich is clear enough. There are not so many options: creating a business, getting super-qualification, becoming the world’s best trader, saving 10 years and investing at compound interest,and so on. And this article was written to dispel some stereotypes. I already wrote about them in other articles, but the topic still requires a separate gaze.

So. What is the problem?

The problem is that many people who are just starting to get acquainted with the books of Kiyosaki, Schaefer and similar authors carrying the light of financial literacy to the masses (yes, there is irony), so these people usually imagine achieving financial independence as a chain of constant accumulating money, investing it in something and investing it again. That is clever transactions, accumulation, investment. All this can really lead you to financial freedom . But…

But this path is really not for everyone. Not because this road is accessible only by a select few. No, most people can follow these recipes. This is precisely the problem.

The way of investment and accumulation is too general and universal . It does not take into account your unique abilities and talents. For example, the advice of Schaefer would like to use, well, for example, Mark Zuckerberg (the creator of Facebook). What do you think, if he linked his financial independence with the dollars deferred from the university scholarship, would he have achieved what he achieved?

An example, of course, atypical. But each of us has special talents – in the field of art, science, people management, and so on. Should I bury them in the ground? Wouldn’t it be a much more reliable way to get rich on your unique qualities and ideas? For some reason it seems to me that it will be.

Of course, this does not negate the need to save money, create a personal reserve fund and invest. Just for most people, this should be an addition to their main occupation. A very important addition, a deed that ensures the reliability of the success achieved, does not allow its results to disappear due to trivial inflation , but still an addition.

So, we make a conclusion.

The best way to achieve financial independence is a job or a business in which your strongest qualities and talents are revealed; however, success in the professional field must necessarily be supported by competent investment and capital increase .

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