What you need to know about finance?

As I already wrote, this site is devoted, firstly, to the basics of financial literacy , and, secondly, to fresh events from the world of investments and the economy, which need to be up to date.

The first question, as it is easy to guess, is basic and basic. Without knowledge of the basics, it is impossible to correctly interpret the events taking place in the world. 
What is this foundation?

What you need to know about the finances of modern man?

(Of course, “it is necessary and necessary” – only to a person who takes responsibility for his life and understands that to be wealthy or poor is in his hands) The list below is a kind of program, a skeleton of absolutely necessary information for a person who is educated to a person. 

Basic information about the global economy

It is impossible to effectively manage your own finances without having an idea about the laws by which the rest of the world lives. Remember: you live and grow rich not in an empty airless space. The simplest example: you may need more or less deep information about the global economy, for example, to predict the investment climate, to plan facilities where you should invest money.

What is included here?

  1. Where does inflation come from? Why do money become cheaper?
  2. How does the banking, monetary system of a modern country? What does a refinancing rate eat? What is the relationship between deposits and loans?
  3. How does lending work? What is compound interest ? A simple percentage?
  4. What determines the prices of the most important global resources (oil, gas, metals), quotes of world stock indices, prices for world currencies?
  5. Where do world and not only financial crises come from?

Family and personal budgets

It is hardly necessary to convince anyone of the need for knowledge of what laws generally apply to any budget. After all, the topics here are very serious:

  1. Types of income: active, passive .
  2. Types of ownership: assets and liabilities.
  3. How to save ?
  4. How to plan a family budget?
  5. How to effectively and rationally manage family funds, do not spend too much and ensure a high standard of living?
  6. Tools that you must use: personal insurance, a reserve bank account, etc.

Investing, investing money

I hardly need to comment. Topics include:

  1. What is investing in general? Why to invest?
  2. What are the ways to invest?
  3. What are the objects to which you can invest? Which object is best for me and right now?
  4. Is it possible to get rich with investments?
  5. What you need to know to invest with success?

Personal financial plan as a way to independence

  1. What is financial independence ? And financial freedom?
  2. What are the ways to achieve independence materially? How will my knowledge of finance help her achieve it?
  3. How to make a personal financial plan? What goals should be included in it necessarily?
  4. What are the obstacles to implementing the plan? How to predict them? How to avoid?
  5. The psychology of wealth. Ways to enrich . This item attracts the attention of all who write about money. And he is really important.

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